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Chopping in your Van for an upgrade?

Here's a VansA2Z advertorial that may help.


If you are looking to buy a new van it might be that you have one to sell and what a pain it is to go through all the rigmarole of selling it. Realising the best price might not always come down to the quantity of notes you can stick in your back pocket - it’s worth taking your time into consideration too.


Think about what you charge per hour and then look at selling your van as a job.  How much will it cost you to do it and not just the time, there is the cost of advertising, the time to meet with potential buyers, the phone calls and all the other associated incidental, invisible, costs.


If you take it to a dealer it is possible you will be offered a reasonable trade-in price but, again at what cost to you?  A hard sell on a new one or your time wasted visiting many different locations.


wwav-headerThere is an easier hassle-free way to turn your old van into cash and that is using one of the online buying services like, for instance, We Want Any Van.  We Want Any Van offers a free valuation and simple way to sell your van - releasing cash immediately which can go towards your next purchase.

"Very impressed with the straightforward approach. An honest appraisal of the vehicle in no way trying to talk it down. I would recommend this service and this company if you want a hassle free, quick and easy way to
your car. Thank you."

The company was originally set up as wewantanycar in 2009 and has become very, very successful conducting in the region of 30,000 transactions annually. As the business has continued to grow it was felt that separating the LCV side of the business became more important.


Car and van purchases are very different. The emotions involved in the buying/selling decision are not the same.  A van purchase is a business decision.  It is a decision made on hard facts about competency to complete a particular task or set of tasks.  As such, wewantanyvan.com has become a dedicated LCV site.  All the knowledge and experience of operating in this area of the automotive industry has been transferred onto the site - guaranteeing that you are dealing with specialists.


"The process was simple the staff friendly and payment was made as promised."

I wanted to know though why the need for a separate site?  Why not just have a van button on the main website?  A company spokesperson told me:  “As a general assumption, a car primarily functions to transport passengers and the purchase and sale of which often attracts emotion and financial decisions influenced by specification, colour, image, etc. Items that affect a car’s price may have little or no relevance to an LCV.

"Quick, trouble free, honest, together with a realistic price. Can`t say more than that."  


“A van is, in the main, simply a working tool. It has a purpose associated to the needs of the job and business. A decision to sell will be made by the vehicle no longer meeting those requirements. A quick, easy process is a must but we also wanted to be able to realistically guide the valuation in relation to the vehicle’s past use. This then affords a most accurate reflection of its current condition. The dedicated LCV site lets the customer determine a condition via the use of a slider tool and see an associated valuation.

"Had my meeting with Sunny! Great customer service, he was honest and took his time to explain everything to me. He was very informative and was able to give additional information about buying and what to look for when buying. I totally enjoyed the honesty and transparency of the operation, Sunny made me feel very comfortable! All round couldn't of gotten a better service! Thank you Sunny!"  


Visit the company’s website, wewantanyvan.com and just enter your registration number and you will be given a price instantly.  If you like the price then the next step is to simply visit one of the, over 70, regional offices the company has based all across the UK.  Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a professional buyer who will give your van the once-over and agree your price.  There is no hard sell, it is completely hassle-free and if you are happy, do the deal and walk away safe in the knowledge that the money will be in your bank in next-to-no time.


It is a quick and simple way to trade in your old van when you are thinking about an upgrade.  Visit www.wewantanyvan.com now and get started.

"Had to change my appointment which was easy to do online. Jason called to confirm my appointment. Appointment was quick and easy took 45 minutes in total. Would use this service again, highly recommended company. Thank you for all of your help."


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